Flora and Fauna


Exploring the Rich Biodiversity of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve

There is no doubt that Rajaji National Park is a treasure trove of natural assets like flowers, plants, trees, birds, animals, insects and exotic ecosystems that would not be able to thrive anywhere else in the country.Rajaji Jungle Safri was founded in the year 1983 by merging three sanctuaries named as Rajaji (1948) Motichur (1964) and Chilla (1977). Flora in Rajaji Tiger Reserve is snuggled between the Indo-Gangetic plains and the Shivalik ranges and Riverine vegetation, broadleaved deciduous forests, grasslands, scrub land and pine forests make the array of flora at these parks. Verdant jungles are home to vibrant wildlife in this park.

 flora and fauna in rajaji

Flora and Fauna

The Shivalik ranges are characterized by a unique ecosystem of Sal trees and bamboo forests that cover the entire area with subtropical and tropical plants and trees. Coniferous trees, deciduous forests, pine trees, grasslands and riverine vegetation can be found in the National Park.The unique climatic conditions, as well as the presence of the mountains, rivers and plains, has allowed the flora in the area to thrive and multiply. Some of the more recognizable flowering trees include Acacia, Kydia, Bel, Pipal, Adina, Amaldas, Lantana, Chilla, Kachnar, Ber, Shorea, etc. The presence of animals and birds in large numbers is one of the most distinctive features of Rajaji National Park. The conjoining of three National Parks has added to the repertoire of animals who have made this area their home, making a safe place for them to thrive and grow in their natural habitat.Being an official tiger reserve, it is home to many tigers that one can see when on a jeep safari. Apart from tigers, it is also home to the Asian Elephant, Striped hyena, langurs, barking deer, sloth bears, jungle cats, leopards, bears, porcupines, jackals and the yellow-throated marten.It is also a popular place for bird-watching due to the abundance of birds such as woodpeckers, barbets, fire-tailed sunbird, pheasants, great-pied hornbills, starlings, cuckoos, partridges, vultures, barbets and much more.