Chilla Safari Rajaji National Park

Chilla Safari Rajaji National Park

Chilla Safari is a favorite spot for tourists in Rajaji National Park, Rishikesh, India. It's situated on the road between Haridwar and Rishikesh. It's about 10 kilometers from Haridwar and 20 kilometers from Rishikesh. The park is home to many wild animals. These include tigers, elephants, deer, monkeys, wild boars, nilgai, foxes, sloth bears, peacocks, and various birds.

The Chilla Range is perfect for a jungle safari. Jeep safaris are the top choice, letting you see wildlife. Elephant safaris are currently unavailable. They provide a special and personal experience.

Safaris at the Chilla Range happen in the morning and evening. Morning safaris run from 6:30 am to 9:30 am, and evening safaris from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Morning safaris are ideal for spotting tigers. They are most active then. Evening safaris are perfect for seeing elephants. They gather at water holes to drink.

The Chilla Safari in Rajaji National Park takes about 2 to 2.5 hours in the morning and evening. The track length of the safari is around 30 to 36 kilometers in a circular route.

You can book your Chilla Safari in Rajaji National Park through our website. You can book online. For any questions, feel free to call us at 91 99176 06031. We're always ready to help you.

Chilla Jungle Safari in Rajaji National Park Price-

    Entry Permit: ₹150 (Indians), ₹600 (Foreigners)
    Gypsy Charges: ₹2500
    Guide: ₹1000 (Optional)
    Vehicle Entry: ₹250 (Indians), ₹500 (Foreigners) Only One Time

Chilla Safari Rajaji National Park

The Chilla Range is not only home to diverse wildlife, but also stunning landscapes. It's filled with different types of trees, birds, shrubs, rivers, and streams. The safaris provide a chance to appreciate the park's natural beauty. Consider visiting the Chilla safari in Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand. It's a great place to experience wildlife and nature.

But the magic of Chilla doesn't end with the sunset. You can extend the magic with a night stay in Rajaji National Park. Stay overnight in Rajaji National Park's comfortable lodges. Enjoy the sounds of nighttime creatures under a starry sky. Wake up to birdsong, refreshed and ready for more wildlife adventures.

If you are interested in seeing wildlife jungle safari and enjoying the natural beauty of Uttarakhand, the Chilla safari of Rajaji National Park is a great place to visit.

    Here are some tips for planning a successful safari in the Chila Range:
  • Book your chilla safari in advance. This is especially important if you are traveling during the peak season.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Choose clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Bring a camera to capture your wildlife memories.
  • Be respectful of the wildlife and the environment.

Flora in Chilla Jungle Safari

The Chilla Range in Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand, has many types of plants. Some of these include the Sal Tree, known for its fragrant leaves, and the Chilla Tree, which elephants like to eat. The Rohini tree has yellow flowers. The Palash, also known as Flame of the Forest, has bright orange flowers. Many people grow and use the Shisham tree for various purposes.

People consider the Bel tree sacred. It produces large green fruits. The Amla tree gives sour fruits that are rich in vitamin C. This area is great for nature lovers because of its many plants. The Indo-Gangetic plains and Shivalik ranges host the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. It has river plants, forests that lose their leaves, and grasslands. This makes it a good place for many types of animals and plants to live. Some popular plants here include the Amaltas, Rohini, Palash, Shisham, Sal, and Amla.

Fauna in Chilla Jungle Safari

The Chilla Jungle Safari in Rajaji National Park is a thrilling wildlife experience. From gentle Asian Elephants and elusive Bengal Tigers to playful Hanuman Langurs and vibrant Peacocks, the safari offers a diverse range of animals. With approximately 315 bird species, including Oriental Pied Hornbills and Kingfishers, the skies are equally enchanting. Indian Cobras and Monitor Lizards add to the reptilian charm. Responsible wildlife viewing ensures a memorable and sustainable adventure in this biodiverse heaven.

Quick Information about Chilla Jungle Safari

Chilla Safari, Rajaji National Park: Your Jungle Adventure Awaits!
Track Length Approx. 36 km
Safari Duration Around 3:00 hours (morning and evening sessions available)
Safari Timing Morning: 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Evening: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Price Entry Permit: ₹150 (Indians), ₹600 (Foreigners)
Gypsy Charges: ₹2500
Guide: ₹1000 (Optional)
Vehicle Entry: ₹250 (Indians), ₹500 (Foreigners) Only One Time
Online Booking Yes, available through website of Rajaji National Park Contact Us. 9917606031

Tips for a Thrilling Chilla Safari:

Tip Description
Book in advance Especially during peak season (Nov-Feb) to avoid disappointment.
Essential packing Binoculars, water, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and insect repellent.
Respect & Silence Maintain silence and follow wildlife regulations for a safe and rewarding experience.
Best timing Early mornings and late evenings offer higher chances of spotting animals.

Why Choose Chilla Safari?

Reason Description
Highest tiger sightings In Rajaji National Park, with a diverse landscape and rich wildlife.
Sal forests, grasslands & wetlands Offering varied habitats for different species.
Elephants, leopards, deer & birds Over 400 bird species to enthrall wildlife enthusiasts.
Well-maintained & experienced guides Ensure a comfortable and informative safari experience.

Planning Your Chilla Adventure:

Aspect Details
Getting there By road: 55 km from Dehradun, 40 km from Haridwar
By train: Haridwar station (5 km)
By air: Dehradun airport (40 km)
Exit timing Gates close 30 minutes before sunset.
Additional points Camera fees apply
Carry valid photo ID for permit
Restrooms and basic amenities at the Chilla gate
Limited mobile network coverage inside the park

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure with Chilla Jungle Safari

If you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker looking for an exhilarating experience in the wilderness of India, then the Chila Jungle Safari is an adventure you won't want to miss. Located in the Rajaji National Park, in the state of Uttarakhand, the Chila Jungle Safari offers an exciting opportunity to explore the untamed wilderness and witness the diverse flora and fauna of the region up-close.

What is Chilla Jungle Safari?

The Chilla Jungle Safari is a thrilling wildlife safari that takes place in the Chilla range of the Rajaji National Park. The safari is conducted in specially designed open-air jeeps, which allow you to get close to nature and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the park. The Chilla range is known for its dense forests, pristine riverbanks, and diverse wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Why Choose Chilla Jungle Safari in Rajaji National Park?

The Chilla Jungle Safari offers a host of benefits that make it a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike:

  • Breathtaking Wildlife Encounters: The Chilla range of Rajaji National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, monkeys, and a plethora of bird species. Many Bird's lovers come Chilla range Haridwar for bird watching. The Chilla Jungle Safari provides an opportunity to spot these magnificent animals in their natural habitat and witness their behavior up-close. It's a thrilling experience to see these majestic creatures in their natural environment and learn about their habitat and habits from experienced naturalists who accompany you during the safari.
  • Scenic Landscapes: The Chilla range is known for its picturesque landscapes, with dense forests, gushing rivers, and serene riverbanks. The safari takes you through these scenic landscapes, allowing you to soak in the natural beauty of the region. The stunning vistas and breathtaking views make the Chilla Jungle Safari not only an adventure-filled experience but also a visual treat for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.
  • Expert Guides: The Chilla Jungle Safari is conducted under the guidance of experienced naturalists who are well-versed in the nuances of the park's flora, fauna, and ecosystem. They provide valuable insights about the wildlife, their behavior, and the importance of conservation. Their knowledge and expertise add a layer of education and awareness to the safari, making it an enriching experience for those interested in learning about the wilderness and its inhabitants.
  • Environmental Conservation: The Chilla Jungle Safari is not just about adventure and wildlife sightings; it also promotes environmental conservation. The safari is conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner, following strict guidelines to ensure minimal disturbance to the park's ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to understand the importance of conserving our natural heritage and the role of national parks in protecting endangered species and their habitats.
  • Thrilling Adventure: The Chilla Jungle Safari is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that takes you off the beaten path and into the heart of the wilderness. The thrill of exploring the dense forests, navigating through rugged terrains, and encountering wildlife in their natural habitat is an experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. It's a unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of nature.